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In the middle of the last century Ayn Rand developed a "philosophy for living on Earth" that she called "Objectivism" and is the most enlightening, useful and beautiful sense of life ever discovered - But as everything it is perfectible and it can advance. By incorporating more than half a century of philosophical, economic, spiritual and psychological advances, this website is devoted to taking Objectivism to the next level, and it is also dedicated to Ayn Rand who certainly would have liked her teachings expand and evolve as far as Man's mind can.

"My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."
— Ayn Rand, Appendix to Atlas Shrugged

United Nations Agenda 21 and You!

You should be TERRIFIED of this:

If you have a single family home sitting on couple of acres of land, you are an endangered species. If you think you can change things down at the town hall, guess what, town hall is ceding their authority to the United Nations. Town hall. Your town hall.

The featured speaker at the Tea Party meeting, Rosa Koire, is a liberal Democrat who understands that Agenda 21 will destroy America as we know it.

What does a trillion dollars look like?


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Why Are Stabilizations Delayed 2.0

Apparently, the fight over raising the debt ceiling, the debt, taxes and spending cuts is not just nothing new, it's actually a thing they call an "Economic Stabilization War of Attrition" which even has mathematical principles behind it where you can predict how long it will go on, which side will win, and what the outcome will be based on the number of people involved, the current will of the people, the current state of the economy, and the overall stakes.


Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview 1959

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Her philosophy, of complete separation of economics and state, has never been tried. And it probably would not work in this, hopelessly flawed world. However, as a correction to complete faith in collectivism it makes sense. She was saying what needed to be said at that time. It is not possible to love others more than yourself, or to love everyone equally and indiscriminately. Even Jesus didn't go that far -- he said to love your neighbor AS you love yourself.

Economics 101 - Trade is made of win

Capitalism Vs. Communism

Kids in the Hall - Communism

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